Friday, October 5, 2012

DIY Friday! #2

Hey Everyone! 

It's Friday, You know what that means! DIY Friday! I love this day because I get the opportunity to share with you a REALLY cool DIY Project, That you could try over the weekend. 

Wednesday I went to this thrift store called "Begin and again" Its pretty cool, there is clothes there and random stuff people bring in.  I saw this ugly white Key holder type thing for like 3 dollars 

 Above is what I found. I mean it was alright, But I wanted to do something fun with it! 

When I got in the car I stated brainstorming what I could do with it...  I first decided i was just going to paint it Blue and thats it. THEN I decided that I wanted there to be a CHALKBOARD where the cherry's were and the blue printed design. 

Which created This : 
Now the Black is the chalkboard! I didn't have any chalk to try it out tho, But I know it works! 

Here is a video about me making it start to finish : 

Here's your supply list : 
-Key Holder or something like what I had to start with 
-Your color paint ( I chose blue)
-Paint Brush 
-Chalkboard paint
-Blue Painters tape 

The first thing you should do is decide what to paint what, Example, I wanted to keep the holders white. I unscrewed them and went on by painting the wood Blue, After about three good coats I decided where I wanted the Chalboard and put the Painters tape on to a sure that no other spots would get painted.  When your ready to get out the chalkboard paint I recommend three coats! I think it gives a really good feel, to! After the chalkboard paint has all three coats and there dry remove the painters tape, Hoping no paint seeped threw. If so, get the blue paint out and touch up. Lastly, Screw the white holders back in and hang it up! Now your family has a awesome Key holder or coat holder with a chalkboard to leave messages! 
Hope you enjoyed today's DIY Post. 

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by! 


  1. Hi Tanner! I love how you fixed up the old key holder and turned it into something Fabulous! Hope you're having a super Friday! Smiles, Jill

  2. Awesome job, it looks great!!! Very cool idea!!!

  3. Really cute project Tanner love to see you get into the decor aspect of crafting and before and after are really hot topics
    Love your key holder and chalk board idea it ROCKS
    The Queen