Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Spring!

Hey everyone! Wow. Long time no blog, I've been pondering what I should blog about here. I've just launched a Brand new Craft blog with my crafting friend Courtney, I do weekly videos for Lots of Buttons, I do TNT videos for Above Rubies Studio every other week, and I DAILY vlog. You can sorta see it can get a little busy. I've never been a big blogger at all to be honest. 

But I always try to do blog posts with my videos. I am thinking about how my life is so different this year then this time last year. I had a lot of responsibility last year. I was running a stamp company and thats no easy task at all. It was very frustrating and just got to the point I didn't enjoy it. It was a love/hate relationship. I'm so happy about the choices I've been making and the things I've been doing lately. I am really excited about the new Blog I launched and I'm excited to do weekly videos featuring Lots Of Buttons. My new Year's resolution was to vlog EVERYDAY during 2013. Now, I've missed a few days. I'm going to guess around 5 this whole year. I'm real happy at how I've came!

Hopefully I'll keep that up and have even more fun doing it :) 

I went over to my friend Joe's house Last Thursday and he has a Creek on his farm. I really love the sound of water flow. I don't know why! 

Here's some pictures I snapped : 

Here's my Daily Vlog from Easter : 

Hope you enjoyed! Have a great day!  Let me know what you'd like to see over here! 

Friday, March 22, 2013


HEY EVERYONE! I want to let you all know super quick that I have released a NEW blog! :)

Make sure to check it out, were having a AMAZING giveaway!!!

It's a blog with my friend Courtney! :D
Here's are Logo :

Make sure to check out our site HERE

Here's a video all about it :

View Below | View on Youtube 

Make sure to check it out and have a GREAT DAY! Please, Please, Check it out!!!! :D hehehehe.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

DIY | Embellished Frame | Craft

Hey everyone!

Happy Thursday! Today I'm crafting it up with my Lot's Of Button's!  It is really fun! I took a frame and embellished it up with some buttons! :)

Here's the video :
Watch Below | View on Youtube

I hope you enjoy! :)

I have been doing video for THREE Years TODAY! I started my FIRST youtube channel (MrCricutCrazy) March 21st, 2010! I am super excited that I made it this far and I can not even imagine what the next three years hold. Because when I started I surely never thought I would be doing what I do. It's totally mind blowing. Thank you all. I'm just so thankful. I have worked many nights and hope to work many for everyone and inspire each and every one of you :)


Thursday, March 14, 2013

TNT | Button Heart Canvas | DIY

Hey EVERYONE! Today I did a TNT (Tip and trick) video/Post over at Above Rubies Studio! Make sure to check it out HERE. 

I also Featured Lot's Of Buttons and there super AWESOME So if you'd go "LIKE" them on Facebook and tell them Tanner sent you I'd be VERY appreciative :) 


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

DIY | Foam Frames | Kid Crafts

Hey everyone!

Happy Wednesday, In today's post were going to be crafting with kids! First things first, Find some kids. Well. After you have everything ready of course. Were making FOAM FRAMES! These are super cheap, If your in a money crunch this is better then spending money on a frame and you can customize it. Today's video gives you all the info. So grab a pen and paper. ;)

View Below | View on Youtube

 I hope you really like these frames and if you try them with some kids in your life, Let me know! I'd love to see. Post it on my Facebook wall or Tweet it to me!

Have a great day, See you back here real soon!

Friday, March 8, 2013


Hey everyone!

Happy friday! Today on the blog I'm sharing with you a GIVEAWAY video were doing over on the Tanner Bell Design's YOUTUBE channel!

I hope you all enter to win, and if you could, Would you LIKE the giveaway video? That is the best way to show your support and I'd be very appreciative!

Here's the video :

Make sure to just follow me on INSTAGRAM :D @Tannerbell1023  
Then head over to Youtube, LIKE and COMMENT saying that you followed me and your entered! Winner will be announced March 22nd!

Have a great day!

Friday, March 1, 2013

My Daily VLOGS- Do you know about them?

Hey Everyone!

Happy Friday- Hope you all are doing FANTASTIC! What are you doing this weekend? I'd love to hear!

So at the first of the year, I made a New Years Resolution to vlog (Video-Blogging) EVERYDAY! So far I have been doing EXCELLENT! I have only missed two days. I don't go by the actual day. I go by when I go to sleep. So say one night I go to bed at 3am I get a vlog posted before then. Days that I'm not busy I post one during the day.

You can check my Vlogging Channel to see all the fun that happens over there.

Here's my two most recent VLOGS --

View Below | View on Youtube 

View Below | View on Youtube 

These are just two recent ones. There's many more. I do different videos and I'd love for you to check them out. I am a big video watcher. I don't really like reading blog posts just because I don't really feel that you can connect with them like you can in video. I've started liking blogging a bit more and It's one of my goals to get my blog up to date and grow my audience.

I have quiet a bit of different things that you will be wanting to stay tuned in the next few months!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bye Mr.Mac :(

Hey everyone! Hope you all are having a great Thursday. Today I have some pretty sad news.. Remember my little turtle Mac, That I did a post about this summer? Well, He's passed away :( We got him when he was just hatched, Along with another one. The other one is named Little T. So little T is not little anymore and grew A LOT! Now, Mac got bigger, But not anywhere close then his little friend Little T. It's so sad. We had them over a year and Mac was always so fun to watch along with his other little friends. If you follow me on Instagram, You saw a pic of Mac on there just 4 weeks ago.

This was right after we had changed out there habitat.

You can look at this summers POST HERE and see pictures of all the turtles.

But I'm also going to point him out in all of there Below :::::::

I just wanted to share with you what happened to my little buddy Mac Tuesday Afternoon :(
So now all I Have are pictures to look back on and a video or two :( I feel like crying, But it won't bring Mac back. He was so cool and I know the other turtles will miss him.

ALSO I've had some videos recoded BUT I lost all the footage from my SD card. So I will have to re-record them and post them. Be looking out!

I then Wednesday went to film with Margot Potter and Cheryl Burchet for DIY on the Fly on are local news, Channel 10 WBIR!
You can see that VLOG below or click HERE!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

You are my Best Friend- Card makin' Weds.

Hey Everyone!

Happy Wednesday, Today were making a card without a main image. Were using paper and stickers to bring it all together without using a die cut, Stamp, etc.

It's really simple and pretty fast so I think its perfect!

View on Youtube CLICK HERE 

I really couldn't think of the right words today, Clearly. But I hope you enjoyed and have a fantastic Weds! :)

Make sure to check Cosmo Cricket out HERE

Have a great day!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

11 Home Decor ideas

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope you all are having a fantastic day. I know a lot of you all are off tomorrow, Congratulations! Today I have gathered together 11 Home decor ideas you could use for anything around the home. I really love doing these because I can feature other bloggers and I can share tutorials that I LOVEE! :) Let me know what you think about it, Since I do this for you! Thank you for reading, By the way! 

1. Serving tray turned Menu display 

Wouldn't this be great for parties?! 

2. Chevron Letters
You Chevron lovers, This is for YOU! 
Here is a DIY that I am TOTALLY going to be doing in my Bathroom in the upcoming months! 

Duck tape is super fun on water bottles! Super cheap for Parties! 

Now I would totally want to do this. What about you? 

6. Valentine's day home decor/ Valentine's day party 

Simple, Cheap and fun! You can do these year around and for all holidays! Think about doing Green glitter and a shamrock for St. Patricks day! 

7. Mounting your TV to the wall and hiding the cords! 

EVERYONE wants to to be cordless! You know you do ;)

8.  Reclaimed Window Coffee Table

I've always wanted to have magazines on a adman infront of my coach, But the Magazines always get in the floor :( This would be PERFECT! 

Needing a idea what to do with all your cork? This is pretty cool!

Perfect for Dog owners, I need about 10 for all my dogs, It would give lots of storage LOL! 2

11. Hanging pictures
I love hanging pictures! Specially when you have guest over and you can brag to them about your family! :) 

Hope you enjoyed today's Post! I had a great time making it and I really hope you enjoy :) 

Let's connect on FACEBOOK and TWITTER! I'd love to hear from you!