Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bye Mr.Mac :(

Hey everyone! Hope you all are having a great Thursday. Today I have some pretty sad news.. Remember my little turtle Mac, That I did a post about this summer? Well, He's passed away :( We got him when he was just hatched, Along with another one. The other one is named Little T. So little T is not little anymore and grew A LOT! Now, Mac got bigger, But not anywhere close then his little friend Little T. It's so sad. We had them over a year and Mac was always so fun to watch along with his other little friends. If you follow me on Instagram, You saw a pic of Mac on there just 4 weeks ago.

This was right after we had changed out there habitat.

You can look at this summers POST HERE and see pictures of all the turtles.

But I'm also going to point him out in all of there Below :::::::

I just wanted to share with you what happened to my little buddy Mac Tuesday Afternoon :(
So now all I Have are pictures to look back on and a video or two :( I feel like crying, But it won't bring Mac back. He was so cool and I know the other turtles will miss him.

ALSO I've had some videos recoded BUT I lost all the footage from my SD card. So I will have to re-record them and post them. Be looking out!

I then Wednesday went to film with Margot Potter and Cheryl Burchet for DIY on the Fly on are local news, Channel 10 WBIR!
You can see that VLOG below or click HERE!


  1. Aww. I am sorry for your loss.

  2. Ohhh no, so sorry! It is hard when a pet passes, hugs!

  3. O Tanner I so SORRY sending Great bug hugss!!!!!

  4. So sorry Tanner about Mac. Its always sad to lose a pet. I had a bassett for about 12 years and had to take to vet they said she needed put to sleep, i wasnt prepared for that. I actually cried for months on and off and it still makes me incredibly sad and its been more than 5 years. She was a part of the family. You are in my thoughts. RIP Mac
    Deb C