Friday, September 28, 2012

DIY Friday- Fun, Simple, Bat!

Hey Guys! 
I have a DIY Video and project to share with you today. 

I'm going to teach you how to make this bat : 
It's SUPER Fun! 

What you'll need : 
-Egg Carton (Cardboard kind is preferred)
-Brown/Black Paint
-Paint Brush
-(2) Googly Eye's
-Orange Ribbon

After you've gathered your Supplies you will want to cut the Egg Carton into 4 sections, Then take your scissors and cut up around to create the "Wings". 
After that, Take the paint brush and paint it! I used a Plastic egg carton, But I prefer a Cardboard type. It will work better with the paint. After the paint has dried you will want to paste the googly Eye's on to the Middle egg "hole" where you didn't cut.  
Next,  poke two holes to run the ribbon threw the tops where you pasted the eyes with. 
Lastly, Run the Ribbon threw and tie a knot! 

Your Done! It might sounded hard, But I enjoyed every minute of it. It didn't take much time at all. I think this would be a great School craft or just a craft with your kids! I know they would enjoy it.

Here's a Video of me making it : 

Click HERE to watch the video on Youtube! 

Hope you all have a GREAT day! 

Oh and I hung my Bat up! 
I hung it right over where you walk into my Dinning room, Check it out : 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

First halloween card of the year!

Hey Everybody! 

Today I have a video making the first Halloween card of the year! (I Know, I'm behind!) 
But I've been busy. So it's alright, Right?

Well, Another one of my Family members are in the Hospital! 
It's my Mammaw's sister's, Husband. 

He has a lot going on with him, So please pray for him and I'm going to visit him tomorrow! 

But I am going to be working on better Blogging, Videos, Pictures, and maybe somehow including Vlogging. I just love talking to a camera, I also want to documnet things I do so I can remember them years from now! 

Hope you all have a great day! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Gift Certificate Card

Hey Everybody here's a quick video for friday! While I sit in line for the new iPhone 5! hahaha. 

Have a Great Friday and if you didn't know, CROPPED is today! Make sure to have your ticket ready. Because it's gonna ROCK! 

Check out all the info over at the CROPPED Website HERE and you may just find a Discount code for my store and many more! 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chevron/diamond card!

Hey Guys! 
Happy Wednesday!

Were having a lot going on lately, Just life and Business! 

But, Today I am showing you a card and VIDEO, Enjoy. 

So I hope you enjoyed the card and I REALLY recommend you to watch the video, Specially since I made it for you :) Yes, I'm talking about you! hahaha. 

My Week has really went by Rather quiet, Pretty odd. I have classes on Tuesday and Wednesday between 9-12 so I am normally dragging ALL day from not enough sleep, I'm awful. Lol. 

But on a Brighter Amazing note, The iPhone5 is going to be announced! (if your reading after lunch EST its already past and is out) I Love Tech products specially apple products so I will be ALL there checking it out! 

Have a Great Day! 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Monday!

Hey Guys! 
Happy Monday! 

Well today I have a Really fun Silhouette Cameo Tutorial. It's going to show you how to make a Circle Card with a layer to go over it, The Design Software is really simple and fun to use! It may take time learning it but you really get the full use out of it. So this video today is sorta a walk threw. Remember, We all do things different, So if you'd like to change anything or improve anything go right ahead! :) 

I Really like the Free version Of Silhouette Design Software, If you'd like to check it out Click HERE 

If there is something that you may not understand about the cameo or you'd like to see in a video please shot me a email at :

I hope everyone had a GREAT Weekend! 
My Family and I had the great opportunity to celebrate my Great Uncle Harold's 63rd Birthday!! After spending 3+ months in ICU and a emotional roller coaster, To say the least it was very nice to see him with his WHOLE family! 

(Click to enlarge)
This is there whole family! Can you find Harold? (He's the one with the Hat) 
Everyone around him is his Grandchildren. Along with his son and Daughter in-law! He has NINE grandchildren! 

There all so funny and great to be around. We wasn't really close with them until Harold had his accident, When I log fell on him earlier this year. ( I did a few Vlogs at the hospital) But its been great getting to spend time with Cousins that I didn't know asides from a FEW of there names. So when looking back on it myself, I am SOO glad we helped them!  

Another day I'll Share some pictures from there farm! It's amazing being there and riding 4-wheelers and just enjoying stuff I've never got to do. 

Hope you all had a GREAT weekend! I know I did even though it was VERY busy. 

Hope the Video helped you too! 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Let's get Caught up!

Hey Guys! 

We need to get caught up, I have been busy making cards! 
So I thought it would hurt me Blogging, and not doing videos. We will try this, Just once! 

 This card is super easy! Cut 4 Squares and your pretty much set! 

 This card I made for my Uncle Harrold since he will be turning 63 Saturday! 
 Here's a Card I did that I plan on doing a video on real soon! 
It was Really easy to do and I think it might intimidate people, But its really fun! 

I'm trying REALLY hard at learning new cards and Mastering them, So I can do a video on them. I think it's what you all deserve! I love crafting, But it's just not fun if I'm not talking to you all, Well my Camera! Hahaha!

So How i'm Challenging myself is to get my Good Friend Court from Courts Craft Corner to Challenge me on a card that shes has found on the web! I've done the same for her and it's been really fun! I encourage you to try it too.

Fall is right around the corner, I'm getting PRETTY DARN excited! It's a Great time of the year, My Absolute Favorite! For Very Many reasons. I Love Fall,  Halloween, And my Birthday is the 23rd of October. I get to enjoy all kinds of things about Fall. What do you enjoy?
I also love Going 4-Wheeling and the weather is always just right! I really need to get a 4-Wheeler in the next little while. I would have a lot of fun with it, Instead of Using my cousins. I Know they'd appreciate it.  :) 

Now I know you all have been wondering.... WHERE'S NEW STAMPS?! Well, ON THERE WAY TOO MEE!! 
I'm so excited! All I can say is that there Awesome and Background Stamps! It's took a long while designing these, All the changes we've made (And Making) to make Tanner Bell Design's the Bomb! I'm really working on getting on a schedule. 
It's going to be Ruff, But I can do it! 

It's been really Busy around here, With Videos, Shipping, Emails, Life, School, and what not. I really plan on working out a "Normal" 

UPDATE - We have a lot of Stamps Discounted over in the store, Maybe you should go take a peak? I HEARD that quiet a bit were down to 10.00! Some with free Shipping too! So just go on over and check it out HERE. 

If you liked me More "Blogging" then watching a video, For whatever leave me a comment telling me why! Also- if you ever have any questions as always email me using the contact form or

Have a Great Day!