Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Let's get Caught up!

Hey Guys! 

We need to get caught up, I have been busy making cards! 
So I thought it would hurt me Blogging, and not doing videos. We will try this, Just once! 

 This card is super easy! Cut 4 Squares and your pretty much set! 

 This card I made for my Uncle Harrold since he will be turning 63 Saturday! 
 Here's a Card I did that I plan on doing a video on real soon! 
It was Really easy to do and I think it might intimidate people, But its really fun! 

I'm trying REALLY hard at learning new cards and Mastering them, So I can do a video on them. I think it's what you all deserve! I love crafting, But it's just not fun if I'm not talking to you all, Well my Camera! Hahaha!

So How i'm Challenging myself is to get my Good Friend Court from Courts Craft Corner to Challenge me on a card that shes has found on the web! I've done the same for her and it's been really fun! I encourage you to try it too.

Fall is right around the corner, I'm getting PRETTY DARN excited! It's a Great time of the year, My Absolute Favorite! For Very Many reasons. I Love Fall,  Halloween, And my Birthday is the 23rd of October. I get to enjoy all kinds of things about Fall. What do you enjoy?
I also love Going 4-Wheeling and the weather is always just right! I really need to get a 4-Wheeler in the next little while. I would have a lot of fun with it, Instead of Using my cousins. I Know they'd appreciate it.  :) 

Now I know you all have been wondering.... WHERE'S NEW STAMPS?! Well, ON THERE WAY TOO MEE!! 
I'm so excited! All I can say is that there Awesome and Background Stamps! It's took a long while designing these, All the changes we've made (And Making) to make Tanner Bell Design's the Bomb! I'm really working on getting on a schedule. 
It's going to be Ruff, But I can do it! 

It's been really Busy around here, With Videos, Shipping, Emails, Life, School, and what not. I really plan on working out a "Normal" 

UPDATE - We have a lot of Stamps Discounted over in the store, Maybe you should go take a peak? I HEARD that quiet a bit were down to 10.00! Some with free Shipping too! So just go on over and check it out HERE. 

If you liked me More "Blogging" then watching a video, For whatever leave me a comment telling me why! Also- if you ever have any questions as always email me using the contact form or

Have a Great Day! 


  1. Great job on these cards Tanner. I like both. I not only get to see the finished product, but how it's done. Can I have both?...Can I, Can I??? (lol). You're Good at what you Do, So Do You! Smooches...

  2. Great job! I am sure it has been hard for you to not make videos, but now you know that you are also good at writing blog posts! I REALLY like all of the cards you have made! Challenging each other is fun!

  3. These are great cards! I think you should do both ... video's and regular blogging. We don't get to her your sweet voice, but you come across just as adorable in writing!
    Looking forward to seeing the new stamps! ;o)

  4. Very cute cards! Sometimes blogging is just fine. Can't wait to see the new stamps!

  5. cute cards, my favorite is one is the one with the cute yorkie