Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Monday!

Hey Guys! 
Happy Monday! 

Well today I have a Really fun Silhouette Cameo Tutorial. It's going to show you how to make a Circle Card with a layer to go over it, The Design Software is really simple and fun to use! It may take time learning it but you really get the full use out of it. So this video today is sorta a walk threw. Remember, We all do things different, So if you'd like to change anything or improve anything go right ahead! :) 

I Really like the Free version Of Silhouette Design Software, If you'd like to check it out Click HERE 

If there is something that you may not understand about the cameo or you'd like to see in a video please shot me a email at :

I hope everyone had a GREAT Weekend! 
My Family and I had the great opportunity to celebrate my Great Uncle Harold's 63rd Birthday!! After spending 3+ months in ICU and a emotional roller coaster, To say the least it was very nice to see him with his WHOLE family! 

(Click to enlarge)
This is there whole family! Can you find Harold? (He's the one with the Hat) 
Everyone around him is his Grandchildren. Along with his son and Daughter in-law! He has NINE grandchildren! 

There all so funny and great to be around. We wasn't really close with them until Harold had his accident, When I log fell on him earlier this year. ( I did a few Vlogs at the hospital) But its been great getting to spend time with Cousins that I didn't know asides from a FEW of there names. So when looking back on it myself, I am SOO glad we helped them!  

Another day I'll Share some pictures from there farm! It's amazing being there and riding 4-wheelers and just enjoying stuff I've never got to do. 

Hope you all had a GREAT weekend! I know I did even though it was VERY busy. 

Hope the Video helped you too! 

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