Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Spring!

Hey everyone! Wow. Long time no blog, I've been pondering what I should blog about here. I've just launched a Brand new Craft blog with my crafting friend Courtney, I do weekly videos for Lots of Buttons, I do TNT videos for Above Rubies Studio every other week, and I DAILY vlog. You can sorta see it can get a little busy. I've never been a big blogger at all to be honest. 

But I always try to do blog posts with my videos. I am thinking about how my life is so different this year then this time last year. I had a lot of responsibility last year. I was running a stamp company and thats no easy task at all. It was very frustrating and just got to the point I didn't enjoy it. It was a love/hate relationship. I'm so happy about the choices I've been making and the things I've been doing lately. I am really excited about the new Blog I launched and I'm excited to do weekly videos featuring Lots Of Buttons. My new Year's resolution was to vlog EVERYDAY during 2013. Now, I've missed a few days. I'm going to guess around 5 this whole year. I'm real happy at how I've came!

Hopefully I'll keep that up and have even more fun doing it :) 

I went over to my friend Joe's house Last Thursday and he has a Creek on his farm. I really love the sound of water flow. I don't know why! 

Here's some pictures I snapped : 

Here's my Daily Vlog from Easter : 

Hope you enjoyed! Have a great day!  Let me know what you'd like to see over here! 


  1. You know...we all want to go creekin' and puddle jumpin' now! That is beautiful land!

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