Friday, November 2, 2012

Canvas Home Decor - DIY Friday!

Hey Everyone! Today for DIY Friday, I've Decided to put paper on Canvas. Now when I thought of the idea, It didn't sound fun at all, BUT believe me, It is TONS of fun!!! :D I will be doing these a lot because there so easy to do if you have the right steps, Which I show in the video below. 

What you will need for this project : 
- Canvas (I used a 10x10 Canvas Corp Canvas)
- Mod Podge of your choice 
-Pattern paper of your choice 
-Sponge Brush for applying the mod podge! 

With those four simple things you are ready to get started making this! 

First, Take the mod Podge and cover your canvas. 
Second, take the paper and put it face down, With the Pattern facing the table. 
Third, take the canvas and put on top of the paper (Make sure its lined up!) and apply FIRM pressure! That is the best way to not get air bubbles 
Lastly,  Put One or two coats of mod podge on the paper to give it that great finish! :) 

Now you can make a couple of them for a Quick Christmas gift, Decoration around the house, The possibilities are endless! 

Enjoy the video : 

Click HERE to watch on Youtube. 

Let me know how you liked this tutoriel! Hope you have a GREAT day! 


  1. Cool! I love this DIY idea. It’s simple yet can make a difference in a boring wall. Thanks a lot for sharing this one.

  2. Canvas home décor diy Friday is shown on the post here. Useful post