Monday, November 5, 2012

No more stamps- Bitter Sweet.

Hey Guys -- 

So I won't be doing anymore stamps :( It took so much time and effort and never got a good enough return. I feel I could be doing something SOO much better and getting a even better return, I Know lots of you love the stamps! But there are lots of other stamp companies out there. 

I'm really excited about what I will be doing now :D I will be doing videos and working with other crafters in the industry.  BUT we have a really great sale going on for you! :D 
ALL The stamps that are still in stock are ONLY 10 DOLLARS!!!!! :) 

So go over to the store and check it out HERE! This won't be the last time seeing me for Sure!!! :) I have lots of other things I will be doing, I will be at CHA doing videos and finding all the NEW awesome products. 

I still love designing and I've learned so much. I used to get lots of emails about how to start a stamp company, So if you need any help starting a stamp company or any questions please give me a email at and I would be happy to help you and give advice :D 

I will be doing lots more of awesome-ness and excited to get started! 

ALSO-- If you own a Mr.Cricut Crazy "Birthday, Birthday" I have a REALLY GOOD friend that would like to buy it from you! :) So If your interested please email me with what you would sell it to her for! :) 

So I hope you all support me threw my change and Hope you have a GREAT day! :D 


  1. Awesome! Embrace the journey! I so enjoy your video's, and maybe some day soon, I will seek help from you! I got some dreams! lol

  2. Good luck with everything you choose to do. You're a great young man!

  3. I am sure it is bittersweet but I do know that whatever you decide to dedicate yourself to doing will be a great success, good luck!

  4. That is big news! I haven't ordered any stamps but I'm not a big stamper. It is a pretty big market so can see why you have decided to focus on other things. I love your website and your videos (and vlogs) - keep them coming.