Thursday, November 15, 2012


What's Up Guys?! 

I am going to share a LOT of Exciting and FUN news with you today!! :) 

I have been sick and sorta out of the "Loop?" this week. Being REALLY sick just for like a day and a half really stinks! Anyway, Megan from Above Rubies Studio where I do TNT videos every once and a while.. I am SOO Excited to being doing a video/Post EVERY OTHER Thursday doing a TNT (Tip and Trick) video! How exciting is that?! I really love working with Megan and I've knew her for about 3 years and been talking to her for almost a year and a half! 
So make sure to go over every other Thursday and theres always awesome posts by Megan too! :) 

Now Make sure to check out Megan's Video HERE to hear about all the exciting announcements! She's gots LOTS planned! We ALSO have a GREAT Giveaway of a DIE CUTTING Machine... So MAKE SURE to check it out!!!! :) 

Alright, Hope you have a great day and Hope you are just as excited as me :D 

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