Friday, November 9, 2012

DIY Friday, Christmas Box!

Hey Everybody! I really love this DIY Friday video/Post! It's really fun and I enjoyed it a lot! 

In this video I'm going to show you how to make a really simple box to store your Holiday cards for the season. 

What you will need : 
-Scoring board ( I used a Martha Stewart one)
-(2) 12x12 sheets of Card-stock
-Embellishments (Only if you want to decorate your box!)

After you've gathered your items, Let's get Started! 
1. Score your first sheet of paper at 3in and score at 9in 
2. Turn the paper and score the paper again at 3in by 9in 
3 Take the second piece of paper and score at 3in by 9x1/8in 
4. Turn the second sheet of paper and score at 3in by 9x1/8in
5.Take your scissors and cut a line from each corner of BOTH sheets of paper, Make sure to stay on the scored lines! 
5. Put adhesive on the flaps of where you cut, and start making your box stand up.You will have to do this to both sheets of paper, then you will have two half boxes! 
6. You can decorate your top part of your box or leave it blank, Your choice! 
7.That's it! Enjoy your box :D 

I Love this finished project! :) 

Notice how I used Megan Elizebeth Chipboard stickers? I LOVE THEM! :) 

Hope you all have a Great day and enjoy the weekend! I will be doing a lot of stuff! 

Saturday were going to the Zoo then Sunday we have church, Then after a lunch I'm getting Baptized with my two Cousins! :) 

Thanks for stoppin' By! 

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