Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday Update!

Hey Guys! 

Okay, Today is a HUGE round up of all thats been going on! 

There's about 5+ videos I've done that haven't been posted on my blog!

So PLEASE check my youtube channel HERE

The past few days I've been busy! Between getting ready for a release AND its SUMMER! 

So Here's some Pictures I've took from my Three Turtles to my dog at the dog park! :) 

 Oh and heres my fountain :)

 So here's some pictures I've been meaning to post! :) I will be making videos ALL today for all kinds of things! So Be ready!

I also started doing vlogs! So Check out that video HERE

You all should also Subscribe to my channel. :) 

Hope you all have a GREAT Thursday! Make sure to enjoy the summer too! 


  1. Super cute!!!!! Your turtles are adorable! I'm sure you already know this BUT be sure to wash your hands VERY WELL after handling the turtles...they can carry salmonella. YUCK!

    1. Yes I know :) These are Land turtles, So they NORMALLY don't BUT better safe then sorry! Hahaha! Thanks Nikki! :)

  2. looks like your turtles have a nice place to live.

  3. great picures of your turtles and of your dog chloe, she is soo pretty .

  4. Great pictures of your turtles and dogs but yuck to what those turtles get for