Monday, June 18, 2012

How to cut Layers with the Cricut!

What's up Guys? 

Today's video/Post is about how to cut layers with the cricut and about giving my dogs baths. Lol. 

Well in today's video I teach you how to use the cricut cutting Layers! Its really simple so I hope you enjoy the video : 

Now, Sunday it RAINED :( So I didn't get to do anything that fun. We gave are dogs Baths! 

I just wanted to share some pictures I took of Haley and PeeWee! 

 This is Peewee right before I started actually giving him a bath! 
 I love how he tilts his head! Haha.
 Look at her BIG eyes! Her hair Mats really bad too so she's never happy! 
 Haley wasn't enjoying her bath :( 
 This is how she dries off, She won't let me dry her! 

Haley after he bath :) Mad at us all.. Lol.

So I would share After bath pictures after everyone was Dry and Brushed, But I forgot and everyone is asleep and I know they'd get mad be waking them up JUST to take some pictures so I will see what I can do in the morning for Tuesday's Post! 

We are still planning are surprise as well! There are about THREE surprises! I have been working on all this for about 2-3 months! Its Crazy! I'm going to love it almost as much as I will! 

I can't wait til CHA Summer show either! It's going to be a Awesome show! I know are big surprise will be coming HOPEFULLY Friday the 13th! I know it's risky, But I'm not scared ;) 
We have a lot planned and were still working on are Design Team, Since right now we only have 4 members. But that should change soon! 

I plan on doing a video a day Monday-Friday, like I normally do.. But I have been so busy and with all my family issues I just pray there's no more bumps in the rode for Atleast a little while! 
I will be posting a lot of the cards and stuff that my videos are going to be about BEFORE I post the video and I ask if you would want a video on it, So make sure to LIKE ME HERE :) 

Hope you all have a Awesome Monday and I have my cousins coming over to do stuff so I will have my hands FULL! 
Maybe I will get my surprise in the mail ;) 

GOING TO BED NOW AT 2:17 am :D hehehe. 


  1. Tanner,
    Your puppy is so cute! My dog hates baths too. He's a poodle and shakes thru his whole bathtime. Love your videos; they are great! I have an original Cricut and sometimes I get so frustrated trying to cut things out with it. I end up wasting alot of paper. I guess practice makes perfect. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey Tanner,
    I just love the pictures of your babies they are soo adorable. I know one of my yorkies fights me forher bath the other one i have dont like it but she dont fight. Keep sharing pictures of your precious babies.

  3. Your puppy is so adorable! So funny our little fur pets! I don't own a cricut but my friend does so I have her cut things out for me when we get together to scrap:)

    ~Vanessa W

  4. Oh my goodness Tanner, Pee Wee and Haley are adorable. I always think little dogs look so cute and funny when they are soaking wet. I am off to watch your video and tfs your puppies with us.

  5. Your little dogs are adorable! :o) Hugs!