Monday, December 12, 2011

My craft room....

Okay So I'm going to be doing a video soon of my craft Table. But Until I do I wanted to share some pictures of it, Also some pictures around my Craft room! This is before I clean it. This is what it looks like after a video....Haha. But, Its super easy to clean! If you notice I haven't fully moved in yet... I know I know. I need to get everything moved in, But I just Can't find time!!! Thats why I haven't done a video! Soo Im hoping this can hold you until I do so! Enjoy a Peak into the craft room! I took some pictures of my twine too!


  1. Thanks for sharing, You are so lucky to have such a large work space and look at that countertop you have to work on, jealous!

  2. Great pictures love your table. looks like you have plenty of room

  3. I love the table. Where did you get it?