Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Friends, Friends w/ Imagine!

Today I'm Creating Two cards! Really easy cards, Super fun to make! I used some "Erin Lee Creative" Paper! Super fun! 
There A2 Sized cards! I hope you all are enjoying my Daily Posts! 
Here's todays cards : 

I make sure you get a lot of pictures! Haha. 
I used my "Friends, Friends" Stamp set for the Happy Happy Birthday stamp! 
Here's the video to find out all of the info and just for my Yapping! I actually I cut A LOT of the video... Soo, I hope it doesn't confuse you! 

I hope you enjoyed! See you back here tomorrow! :D


  1. Adorable love the colors looks fabulous!!

  2. Your card is adorable, just got this stamp set in the mail yesterday, looks fabulous, hopefully will get a chance to use it this weekend!!