Sunday, January 27, 2013

20 DIY projects you NEED to try

Hey Guys! How are you all today? 

Well do I have a Post for you today or WHAT! Well, I Know a lot of you are really busy with work and parenting. So you don't have time to search the internet for DIY projects! So, In today's post I'm doing all the hunting for you! I have Tanner's top 20 DIY must do's! 

Here goes, Are you ready?  (There in no particular order) 

1.  Fabric-Covered Resin Table Redo

Who wouldn't want a table like this?! You can use any fabric to give that custom look. 

2. Cork Bath Mat 

One of the reasons I really want to try this one is just to be different, Because I don't know anyone with a Cork Bath mat. Plus, It would be alot easier having that there instead of having to put down and pick up a towel every time you take a shower. (or atleast thats what I do) 

3. Custom Coach Pillow

This would be a perfect gift for someone. It's perfect because you could take some of your friends pictures of Facebook or somewhere and turn them into Pillow that they would cherish FOREVER!  

4. Decoupage Table 

Here's another Table that you can use Fabric with!! Can you believe it? I love this so much that I will be doing a video on it really soon. 

5. Sliding Storage System

Now, I don't have a garage like this, But If I did I would SO install these because EVERYONE is always needing creative storage solutions. (If you don't, you aren't normal) LOL.

6. Spray Bleach Shirt

BLEACH and Vinyl. This would be cool to do custom shirts with Silhouette images and the cost would be UNDER 5 dollars, EASY!

7. Pallet Table 

If your like me, Your calling everyone you know to see where you can get your hands on some pallets!! Tip: Check Craigslist. I found some ads on there where there giving them away for FREE! I'm sure you can find some, too!

8. Custom Stamp

What a great stamp idea! If you want to give something a special feel this DIY is for YOU!

9. Shutter Mail compartment

Please. Everyone with that cluttered table by there front door, Go to home Depot and get a shutter! Only keep mail that can fit in it, and throw away all that junk mail that you have sitting on that table. It will look so cool, No one will notice the mail!

10. Duck Tape Candles 

Duck Tape. Who doesn't love crafting with duck tape? This is a simple DIY craft that is easy under $5! 

More Crate DIY! If you are trying to get that southern charm for your house, Try this! I think it would look SOO good! 

DOG LOVERS-- I need to make about 5 of these, Since I have about 10 dogs! But it's custom and fun! If one of your friends have a dog and you need to get them something, Make there dog something! They will love you even MORE! 

I LOVE THIS! It's great and cheap to customize rooms, All you need is the curent Switch plate, Fabric, and Mod Podge. 

Everyone should try these great DIY dog treats, I'm sure your dog would love them!

Trying to decorate your outdoor patio on a budget? Well you can make this, Then all your friends will be jealous they didn't think of it!

Now come on guys, We both know you have those UGLY chester drawers. I have them too. Why don't you spend next weekend DIYing them? Totally worth it. 

My Mammaw LOVES glitter, But hates the mess. If you want to decorate your house with glitter and no mess, This is for ya! :) 

Go get your OLD and NASTY cookie Sheet, Lets turn it into a serving tray that your kids could play with, Or you could use it for your home! 

19. Custom Moss Letters 

Is it just me or does this look super cool? I think this would be great for words outside!

20. Custom Pallet Bed 

Have you always wanted to make that empty bedroom in your house a guest bedroom, But don't have guests THAT much to spend on a bed and everything? Well, go get some Pallets and make you a bed! :)

WOW!!! I have had so much fun going finding some of my favorite DIY projects to try.  Did you all enjoy it? Are you going to try any? 

Let me know what you think--Wanted to change it up a bit! 

Have a great day. 


  1. I love the #1 that has endless possibilities. I hope to try that in the near future:)

    1. Yay! That's what I want to hear- Thank you!! :D

      Have a great day,


  2. Wow, some of these are really great ideas!!!

  3. Those are all great - I love the dog bed. Not sure about the duct tape candles though - what happens as the candle burns down, could the tape catch on fire? I love the fabric tables-cool ideas!

  4. Tanner, love your new site. Thanks for finding all those projects. Really neat ideas

  5. Wow Tanner, these are some GREAT ideas. Your new website is awesome and is now in my faves under "Great ideas to try