Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Tuesday!


So today I will be talking about some videos I made and i've been thinking of how far i've came and everything. I'm SOO Grateful where I am today. With both my Youtube and my blog things I try to update very much I feel at times I don't do enough over here at my blog. SOO I'll try to be a better Blogger! 

Who's Ready for CHA Summer show??? 
I AM !! I know tons that are going and some friends that are having booths! I will be there give a lot of great coverage! Now at the winter show I didn't do to good of job, BUT I will be focusing on doing videos and uploading them this time! I know were a few months away, But can still be excited! 

2011 was a Great year for me. Plain and simple. The end of December I started working on my stamps with Peachy Keen Stamps and on the FIRST day of 2011 I got asked to be on one of my MOST looked up to people :) After spending some of the best six months on that team and making some great friends, Getting a Blog, Got it re-Designed (TO what it looks like now) all in about six months. which was like WOW. Then in Mayish I came out with my stamps :D 

I was SOOO happy too, Then in June I started a Design Team and I Love having great people to work with. 

I had a Great 2011 and 2012 is looking pretty good, Just not directly in the crafting world. BUT There will be more to come soon...Never think your too big for anybody. Its a great thing to live by. 

MOST People know that the crafting world isn't all fun and games, Some people really get hurt here... Some people will stab you in the back. I think it's happened to everyone. I think the most important thing to remember is, If  you don't know for 100% someone said something, Did something, Ect. Then don't go by someone else. Second thing in this industry (Most are like this too) DO NOT Trust anyone too much, You can have friends, But don't be telling them EVERYTHING. No matter who they are. People will take advantage of you too. I know a lot of people that get taken advantage of. It's sad. But OHH well if you make a Mistake you can't take it back so go on.. 

Did you miss some of MY Videos?! 

Here's some recent ones I think you might have. 

All my videos can be found on my Youtube too! 

SO Hope you liked the videos! See you back here Wednesday! 

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  1. You said it well Tanner! Sometimes people just are who they are and we always need to watch our backs :o) Great job with all that you have accomplished in the last year and lots more luck in the future! Hugs!

  2. Love your videos, Tanner! People really should live by Thumper's quote from Bambi.."If you can't say nuttin' nice then don't say nuttin' at all! Keep up the great work on all that you do!
    Hugs, HL

  3. Keep up the great work Tanner! You are so awesome:)

  4. You're learning fast Tanner what the industry is really all about, which is so sad. You just keep on doing what you're doing, be discerning, and blow off the rest. Most importantly, have fun because that is what this is really supposed to be all about. Now, off to CASE that great cupcake card you made!