Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My favorite card ever!


Today, I have a Blog post for you while I sit in a waiting room, Haha. Soo, I put this video up last night and then forgot to post the Pictures and video to my blog, Thats what i'm gonna do now! 

So this was a 6x6 card! Really fun I've had the sheet of paper I used for a while, I Never know what to do with it until, Now! I put together this awesome card! I used some old Cricut imagine cart. and then I put it together, I know you all get tired of seeing the same old thing. For over two years i've done plain and simple cards. I know that, you know that. They pretty much have the same thing all the time just using different Products. This year I Wanna do something different! I want to get a broder people that actually like reading my blog posts! Haha. Anyway, If you couldn't already tell I'm Bored, I'm SOOO BORED. 

Anyway, Here's the video and I dont have my camera to post the pictures...  


  1. I love reading your blog! Great job on the card!

  2. Very cute card, I can see why you love it. Hope your Mom feels better soon.

  3. Great Card!! I hope your mom feels better. God Bless you too

  4. Such a cute card! I can totally tell why you like it so much. Love the paper too! Those are definitely my kind of colors :) I hope your mom feels better soon -- sending well wishes her way! Thanks for sharing :)