Thursday, September 22, 2011

KinderstampO Guest Design Team!

Today I made an AWESOME card For KinderstampO's Guest Design Team! :) I LOVE her Stamps! They work great! Soo, I did my Regular simple card...What am I saying!?! Its never "Simple"! I do something special every time right?! I used NAKED buttons, Because I'm just that cool :) hehehehe..... I'm still in LOVE with my Paper Trey Ink stuff sooo thats the Paper/Ribbon I used! Man, I LOVE that paper! Its super thick! I used the CRICUT Just for Jess! Her Stamps work with SOOO many different things! There AMAZING! I had a Video, But Youtube is being VERY Mean tonight! Soo, It'll come at a Later date! Aren't you all waiting to see the card? I know you are!
Here you go :

Loved how it turned out! :) 
Now, Head on over to Jess' Website and order these AWESOME stamps! 
Head on OVER! 
Hope you have a Great Thursday! :) 


  1. Great job...thanks for being the spotlight designer this week. The printed clear sheet with the stamps on it can also be used to see how a stamps size will fit in areas or how big a label looks best before stamping. Love her helpful to use that sheet.
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com