Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Design Team Wednesday!


Here is a POT I used using "It's a Baby"

Here's The Video make sure to watch the whole thing! :)
So I hope in inspired you! Make sure to check the stamps out HERE

Today is Design Team Wednesday! 

Today is the LAST Design Team Wednesday with the Current Design Team. There term ends Next Tuesday!  So I will miss them Dearly! They have been one great team, But time for a NEW Start with the New Logo and Name (Tanner Bell Designs) 

Here we go : 

I hope you enjoyed our post today.
Make sure you checkout the Design teams blogs, As well as the Store!

Have a GREAT day! 


  1. Really great projects all around! I hope the new team is as good as this one!

  2. Tanner what a great idea for a new baby gift!!! I received a little baby plant from my brother when I had my daughter, and Now she AND the plant are 19 years old!!! A new Mom will look at that gift for years to come!! Good luck with the new design team. I have applied and my fingers are crossed!! Have a great day!


  3. Such a cute pot! Love the ribbon, the soft colors and the sentiment. Very creative way to use the stamp set! Best wishes selecting the new team. Can't wait to see the announcement!

  4. The pot would be really cool for a baby shower well!

  5. Awesome projects. Truly a great group of designers! Alot of hard work,dedication and great projects!

  6. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful projects.
    Looking forward to what your new team has to offer.
    dmcardmaker (at aol dot com)
    (email follower)

  7. Very cute projects! I love the flower pot!