Monday, May 14, 2012



Today's Post is to get you caught up on ALL the Video's I've been doing! PRETY COOL STUFF! :) 

Here's TODAY's Video 

Here's YESTERDAY's Video(S)!!! 

So Make sure to watch them! 

UPDATE ON MY UNCLE : He's Making progress very little at a Time.. Thanks for everyone's Prayers! 

I have SOO much to work on and Today I will be working REALLY Hard getting a lot of stamp sets ready! Which is HECTIC! 
Make SURE you are Subscribed to my Youtube CHANNEL! I will LOVE you! :) Haha. 

Thanks for Stoppin' by! 


  1. Hope your busy day goes smoothly, Tanner! ♥ Good luck with your stamp sets and glad to hear your uncle is improving!

  2. I watched them all! You really know how to make an awesome card! TFS!