Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's!!

happy valentines!!
I hope you all had a great day!!
I'll show you all what i got!

I got four stuffed Bears and a 13 inch mac book air!! this was from my wonderful Mommy!!

Hope you all have a great day!

oh and by the way i got my Mommy three charms for her charm bracelet!

I love my mommy!!


  1. im so glad you had a great Valentines Day Tanner! I had a really great one too!

  2. That was SO sweet of your Mom and I'm glad you remembered her too! Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Tanner, Happy Valentine's Day! I am so glad that you had a great day. Love your presents...please dont forget to name your bears! They love to feel extra special!

  4. those treat bags are great. You are so thoughtful

  5. WOW!!! Aweesome Valentine's

    I have awarded you the Stylish Blog Award. You can go here to claim it.